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Avoid These Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

The holidays are fast approaching. Are you expecting guests for Thanksgiving or any other impending holiday? Have you prepared for a possible plumbing emergency? With all of the cooking, washing, showering and flushing, the holidays can put a lot of stress on your plumbing. Many homeowners end up finding themselves with the need for an emergency plumber this time of year. But, no one wants to be without their plumbing when guests arrive. So, as an emergency plumber for Coon Rapids and the surrounding areas, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you avoid problems with your plumbing. But, if you do encounter a plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to give our emergency plumber a call.

Frozen Pipes

One plumbing problem you may not have already thought of is frozen pipes. Pipes that are most susceptible to freezing are those that are exposed to severe cold. For example, outdoor water supply pipes in unheated interiors like basements, attics, garages and crawl spaces are most at-risk. Also, pipes that run against your exterior walls with little or no insulation are also subject to freezing. Make sure you turn off the proper valves before freezing temperatures hit. And, ensure you have proper insulation for your home. Also, don’t completely turn off the heat when you go away for long periods of time this winter. You could return home to a freezing house as well as some frozen pipes.emergency plumber coon rapids

Drain Clogs

Drains and pipes can handle quite a bit. However, many materials can really cause some big problems for them. Forcing materials materials down any drain can cause a clogged drain. Some of the materials you should never be putting down the kitchen sink include rice, pasta, egg shells, grease, potato skins, banana peels, celery, coffee grounds and more.
Bonus tip: After doing the dishes or preparing dinner, run hot water in your kitchen sink to make sure your drain is totally clear.

Toilet Clogs

When it comes to the bathroom, ensure you, your family and your guests know never to flush baby wipes, “flushable” wipes, napkins, feminine products or cotton balls. And, be sure you have stocked your bathroom with septic safe toilet paper. Even if you don’t have a septic tank, it is a good idea to have toilet paper that will be easy on the pipes.
We hope these tips will benefit your plumbing and pipes this holiday season! But if you do find yourself in need of an emergency plumber for your Coon Rapids home, call All Ways Drains at 612-922-9422 or contact us to get a Free Estimate.

Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

You may think plumbing is plumbing. However, commercial plumbing systems pose different and more complicated problems than those of residential plumbing systems. Although residential and commercial systems are susceptible to similar issues, the way in which you address them should differ. And, understanding the most common commercial plumbing concerns properties like yours face can help you take steps to reduce the impact of these issues on your plumbing. Proper plumbing from a professional commercial plumber can help save you money, time, and even save your reputation in the long run. As a trusted commercial plumber for Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, we’d like to talk more about commercial plumbing and the types of plumbing issues businesses in this area face. If you notice any issues with your commercial plumbing system, contact our commercial plumber to have them taken care of right away.Plumber Twin Cities


Similar to residential homes, clogs are some of the most common issues commercial buildings face. And, commercial businesses are especially susceptible. Many people, when visiting a business or even working at one, don’t take special care to prevent clogs the way they would in their own home. And, clogs and backups can be a bigger concern in a commercial space due to both the increased usage and the potential for property damage and hazardous conditions if a major clog occurs. So one of the best ways to avoid clogs at your commercial building is to educate employees and/or residents on proper waste management. For example, what they can and cannot flush, what they can and cannot put down the drain.

If your plumbing is on the older side or you have had several issues with clogs in the past, talk to your commercial plumber about hydro-jetting and other ways to restore your pipes.


Plumbing fixtures at your business or commercial property may be used by hundreds of people each and every day. This frequent use can thus result in problems such as leaks that can waste water, reduce performance and cause other problems. Be sure to contact a commercial plumber like ours as soon as you notice a leak is present.


Since many commercial properties are established in existing and leased spaces, you may not know how long your plumbing systems have been there or their current condition. By having a trusted commercial plumber take a look, you can be made aware of any issues ahead of time and have them repaired as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the most common plumbing issues area businesses experience. Call in an expert commercial plumber today from All Ways Drains so we can tell you more about the many services we can offer. When you need a commercial plumber for your Minneapolis business, call All Ways Drains at 612-922-9422 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

Toilet Maintenance & Other Common Plumbing Tips

When you are having common or typical plumbing issues, there are a few instances you can mend the problem on your own. However, while this might work for minor plumbing problems, like replacing a washer in your faucet, it might not work as well for larger issues. So how can you tell if the work is minor enough to handle yourself or if you should call plumbing professionals? As the plumping experts for Maplewood and the surrounding areas, we’ve put together some plumbing tips you can do yourself as well as a list of issues that should be left to the professionals. And if you are unsure whether a plumbing problem is something you can do or something you need professional help for, give us a call to discuss your issue further and we can help advise on next steps.


First of all, it is essential that you address any toilet issues immediately: If you spot a leak or notice that your toilet continues to run, get a hold of a plumbing professional right away. Leaks tend to occur slowly with toilets so it is ideal for you to keep an eye out for them.

Also, keep a plunger nearby: When you first encounter a clog or sluggishly draining or performing toilet, put your plunger to work to see if it can loose whatever is amiss somewhere within your pipes. Should this simple yet powerful tool fail here, move towards dumping hot water down your toilet. If you are still clogged, a toilet snake or auger can be put to use.

If your shower head has low water pressure but the rest of your house is fine, then you probably just need to clean the shower head and that should fix the problem. But if you’re having problems with low water pressure throughout your entire house, this is a problem for plumbing contractors.

Sewers problems are another type of issue that must be addressed by professionals. If sewage is backing up out of the pipes and into your home, you will definitely need to call plumbing contractors for help. There is nothing you can do on your own to fix this problem unless you are a licensed plumber as well.

Need to replace valves or faucets? f you have some plumbing experience, then you might be able to replace any valves that are having problems. But if you have no idea what you are doing and no experience with plumbing, call plumbing contractors like us instead of trying to do it on your own.

Remember, some problems in plumbing do fall beyond the average person’s scope of skills. And, it’s all right to enlist the help of a plumbing professional.

Do you need a plumbing specialist in Maplewood or nearby? Call family and Veteran-owned All Ways Drains at 612-922-9422 or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate on our services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Jetting

Do you have a clogged drain? Have you heard about water jetting and how it can help unclog pipes but have a few questions about it and how it works? You have come to the right place! At All Ways Drains we are experts at water jetting for Shoreview and are here to answer all of your water jetting questions! We have been in business for many years providing water jetting for the entire area and we have received some questions about it and how it works. Here are a few of the most common ones we’ve come across:

emergency plumber

Q: What is water jetting?
A: When fats, oils, grease and debris clog your drain and cause a blockage or slow draining pipes, water jetting is one of the best and only ways to completely remove it.

Q: When do I need water jetting?
A: When a homemade or store-bought drain cleaner isn’t enough, that’s when you know you need to call the professionals at All Ways Drains for professional water jetting. Water jetting is also ideal for cleaning and root cutting when drains are still draining slightly, a total blockage will have to be assessed by an expert.

Q: How does water jetting work?
A: If we determine that water jetting is the best solution for your clog, we will use state-of-the-art pumps to propel water through your home’s pipeline. These extremely powerful, concentrated streams of water rush all the way through the pipe, thoroughly cleaning the pipes and push out the blockage.

Q: Do I need professionals to perform water jetting?
A: This is no DIY project. Our trained professionals are properly trained in the use of water jetting equipment and how to direct the hoses along the walls of your pipes and effectively clean out the length of a sewer line.

Q: Why should I choose water jetting?
A: This small investment can go a long way in avoiding much larger expenses down the line. Cleaner pipes are more efficient, thus reducing water bills and increasing productivity.

Do you need water jetting for your home’s pipes? Contact us today! We have the tools and skills needed to unclog even the most stubborn drains. A water jet service by All Ways Drains can provide cleaner pipes, fewer service calls and less down time.

When you’re ready to schedule water jetting for your Shoreview area home or business, give All Ways Drains a call! Call us at 612-922-9422 or contact us for a Free Estimate.

5 Signs Your Water Heater is in Need of Repair

Far before there’s water all over the basement, there are a few signs your water heater will give to let you know it’s about to go. Most people have no idea when their water heater is about to fail. But, you can avoid the disruption and damage of a failed water heater with preemptive repair or replacement. And, as experts in water heater repair for St Paul and the surrounding areas, we have come up with a list of indicators to look out for. And, if you notice any of these, it could mean your water heater is on its last legs or requires water heater repair:

water heater replacement

Poorly Heating Water

If you have cold water, but no hot water and you have a gas water heater, first check the pilot light. Follow the directions on the heater to make sure that the pilot light is working properly. If you have followed the directions for your heater so that the pilot is lit and you know that the gas is flowing to the heater, but it’s still not producing hot water, try turning up the water temperature. If you can’t get your water to warm up, give us a call for water heater repair.

Rusty Water

If you discover rusty water coming from your water heater and it only comes from the hot side in your home, this can be a sign that your water heater is rusting on the inside and it may begin to leak soon. It is important you call us to take a look and determine if you require water hear repair right away.

Strange Noises

As a water heater ages, sediment will build up on the bottom of the tank. As the sediment is heated and reheated, it eventually will harden. This causes strange noises as well as lower efficiency.

Water on the Floor

If you notice moisture around your water heater, you may have a small leak or a fracture in the tank. It could also be a leak from the fittings or connections to the tank. Either way, give us a call and we can come out to determine what kind of water heater repair you require.

Old Age

It’s simple, the older your water heater gets, the likelier it is to require water heater repair. And, at around 10 years, that’s when most water heaters need to be replaced.

If you are having any of these issues with your water heater or if you simply can’t get the hot water heater working, we can send out one of our experienced technicians to fix the problem for you. Contact us about water heater repair in St Paul today by calling (612) 922-9422 or Contact us Online.