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Older Homes: You, Your Sewer and Sewer Repair

Nothing’s worse than a sewer backup: the smell and sight of raw sewage seeping back up into your home can cause fear in anyone. And, these can become even more common with older homes. Many older structures were supplied with piping and sewage systems that can wear out over time and require substantial repairs. Even the actual materials used in your home’s older piping and sewer could be wrong for your home or deteriorate over time. It is definitely a stressful time when you are dealing with a sewer malfunction or backup, and you might not know what to do at first. All Ways Drains can help with sewer repair for your Shoreview home, but in the meantime, here are a few age-related issues that… Read more »

How to Tell if Your Sewer is Backed Up

Sewer backup is a huge and stinky hassle when it happens. Not only are you faced with potential water damage, but you also might have to throw out some belongings that have been contaminated by raw sewage. But if you pay attention to the warning signs, you might be able to avoid this problem. All Ways Drains specializes in repairing sewer backup in Edina and the surrounding areas. Here are few different things to keep an eye on that could alert you to a potential problem. One of the biggest signs of sewer backup is more than one plumbing fixture is backed up. So if you have noticed most or all of your toilets are clogged, or one of your toilets and your shower drain… Read more »

Three Common Toilet Problems

One of the most common service calls we get is for toilet problems. These types of problems can be stressful and overwhelming if you’re not familiar with toilets and how they work. Thankfully, you can always call on us when you need a residential plumber in St Paul! Here are three of the most common toilet problems we encounter. When you flush, it’s sluggish We hear about this problem quite a bit. You hit the lever to flush the toilet and it ever-so-slowly flushes. The culprit is usually a partial or total clog. Our residential plumber can come out and diagnose the problem to see what’s going on. But usually all is takes is unclogging the toilet. Gurgling sounds from the tub or toilet when… Read more »