Ask a Plumber: What are the Most Common Symptoms of a Clogged Drain?

Published Date: January 19th, 2018 | Category: Drain Cleaning

Nobody likes to experience a clogged drain. And usually, by the time they draw attention, they’ve already grown out of control. Before a clogged drain gets to the point where it requires professional drain cleaning, it will usually give a few tell-tale signs. As experts in drain cleaning for Minneapolis, we’ve put together some of the symptoms to look out for, what they may mean, as well as some solutions you can try. And, if your clogged drain turns out to be something that requires professional drain cleaning, contact the expert plumbers here at All Ways Drains.

Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed a powerful odor near a clogged sink, shower, toilet or tub?

Chances are you have a clogged drain or pipe. Try these drain cleaning cures.

Sinks not in use could be allowing water in trap to evaporate, try adding more water. Clear the clog harboring likely bacteria, kill bacteria by adding bleach to the drain. Your toilet may be gapped between it and its wax ring, replace wax ring. It could also be vent line deterioration or separation ‘piping’ sewer gas into house. Call in the professionals in drain cleaning to be sure.

Is just one toilet or drain clogged in the home?

It could be that item’s piping.

Use drain cleaner and other basic drain cleaning techniques to unclog. If the clog doesn’t budge, the piping may require professional drain cleaning.

Are one or more toilet, sink or tub clogged in the same area of the house, but remaining drains are fully functional?

Possibly a branch drain or vent line is clogged and requires clearing.

Try a drain snake or pressure device like water jetting. Chemicals typically are not effective in these cases. If you are uncomfortable using these, contact drain cleaning experts for assistance.

Are one or more toilet, sink or tub clogged in different areas of the house?

The main sewer drain running from the house may have a blockage.

A drain snake or pressure device may be needed. Tree roots or a damaged sewer pipe are a distinct possibility; a plumbing professional may need to be called. Should you possess a septic system, it may need to be pumped out. Call drain cleaning experts in this instance.

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