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Keeping Your Drains Clean

As you probably already know, there are few hassles a homeowner can face that are more annoying than a clogged drain or sewer pipe. It’s stinky and gross and can sometimes involve expensive repairs. There are a few ways you can take care of sewer cleaning yourself, and as a sewer cleaning company in Minneapolis, we have a few tips for you. Of course, for larger sewer cleaning projects, you will want to call on professionals like us! You can use a mixture of salt and vinegar for sewer cleaning. Simply mix a cup of salt with a cup of vinegar and pour it into your drain. This will help to break up any dirt or other residue so water can flow through the pipes… Read more »

How to Find Trustworthy Plumbing Contractors

When you are dealing with a backed-up toilet or a burst pipe, you want to make sure the plumbing contractors you call for help are trustworthy and reliable. All Ways Drains are plumbing contractors serving St Paul, so here are a few tips to find plumbing contractors that are as dependable as we are. Word-of-Mouth Recommendations It’s said that the best marketing doesn’t come from radio ads or newspapers. Word-of-mouth recommendations are a great way to find good plumbing contractors. You can ask friends, neighbors, family members and coworkers who they use and how the experience was overall. Research This ties into word-of-mouth recommendations. In this digital age, you can easily go online and find suggestions and recommendations for plumbing contractors. Angie’s List, for example,… Read more »

Blocked Drains: Causes and How to Avoid Them

Blocked drains are a huge hassle sometimes. You have to deal with water overflowing and other related problems. When it comes to drain cleaning in Minneapolis, we here at All Ways Drains have learned a few things over the years. Here are some common causes of blocked drains and what you can do to avoid them. One of the worst culprits we see when we are called for our drain cleaning services is hair. Long hair is an especially big problem since they tend to cause a drain to back up even more than short hair. You can get an inexpensive hair catcher and put it on top of your shower’s drain. This will help to catch hair before it falls into the drain and… Read more »

Twin Cities Clogged Drains

SAFETY TIP # 1: Do not pour caustic liquid drain cleaner into a drain that is completely clogged. The caustic ingredients can get trapped in your pipes and cause severe damage. SAFETY TIP #2: Do not use a plunger on a drain if you have poured caustic drain cleaner into it. Caustic chemicals in the pipes could splash up during plunging. If you haven’t poured caustic drain cleaner down the clogged drain, you can try unclogging it by using a time-honored drain opener, the rubber plunger. This inexpensive tool will usually break up the clog and allow it to float away. Remember though, it may take more than a few plunges to do the trick. 1. Fill the drain or toilet with enough water to… Read more »

Preventing Clogs in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Buy and install a little strainer to place over the drain for trapping food, hair, soap, etc. Clean the strainer regularly. Collect cooking fats in a container such as a can and dispose of it in the garbage rather than pouring fats down the drain. Fats can solidify in cold pipes and create clogs. Pour a kettle of boiling water down the kitchen drain weekly to melt fat that might be building up. Pour a mixture of a handful of baking soda with 1/2 a cup of vinegar down the kitchen drain weekly. This will break down fat and keep the drain smelling fresh too. If you want more advice on how to prevent clogs at your St. Paul or Minneapolis home, contact us today… Read more »

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