Drain Cleaning Strategies & Solutions

Published Date: March 9th, 2023 | Category: Drain Cleaning

Don’t allow a clogged drain to ruin your day or even your week. A clogged drain can bring stress and lead to a variety of plumbing problems often resulting in costly repairs if left unchecked. But, there are some solutions and preventative measures to take that can help get your day and your drain running smoothly again. As experts in drain cleaning for St Paul, we would like to provide a few of the standby solutions to fix and avoid this nasty problem.

clogged drain in St PaulOil & Grease Prevention

Always remember that no oil or grease should ever be dumped down a drain or otherwise allowed to infiltrate your plumbing system in any way. Grease does not flow smoothly in your pipes. Grease is substantially more viscous than other types of liquids that you send down the drain. It bogs and slows on its path through the piping networks and sticks to things massed within and even the pipes itself. If you dump oil and grease down your drain you will inevitably need a thorough drain cleaning.

And, the old myth of running hot water and sending grease down the drain via garbage disposal with it sounds like it would work. But, being that oil and water do not mix, steaming hot water will not aid in outflow of grease any more than cold water would.

Mesh Screens

Place mesh screens over all of your drains if you can, but especially bathtub or shower and kitchen sink drains to catch hair, food particles and more. This is a simple yet effective solution to avoid a drain cleaning down the line.

Water Jetting

Water jetting is a professional drain cleaning solution we like to use. It is a simple procedure with fantastic results. Fats, oils, grease and debris can clog your drain and case a nasty blockage and water jetting is one of the only ways to completely remove it. When a homemade or store-bought drain cleaner isn’t enough, that’s when you know you need to call the professionals at All Ways Drains. In fact we can cut roots with our water-jetters. If we decide water jetting is the best solution, we will use state-of-the-art pumps in order to propel water through your home’s pipeline. These extremely powerful, concentrated streams of water rush all the way through the pipe, thoroughly cleaning the pipes and pushing out the blockage.

Store Bought Drain Cleaners

Please stay away from those chemical drain cleaners that you find on store shelves. Continued usage of these products will do damage to the interior of your piping, setting you up for potentially costly repair in the future.

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