Four Tips for Winterizing Your Plumbing

Published Date: March 9th, 2023 | Category: Plumbing Tips

plumbing contractor Shoreview all ways drainsIt’s fall and with it comes cooler temperatures. Winter will be here before you know it, so it is time to start figuring out what chores you need to tackle before the worst of the cold hits. As a plumbing contractor serving Shoreview and the surrounding areas, we have seen our share of burst pipes and other weather-related plumbing issues. So we thought we would give some tips on how to get your plumbing system ready for winter.

Tip 1: Insulate your pipes

Take the time to insulate any pipes that run through unheated areas of your home. You can get polyethylene or fiberglass to use for insulation, and you might want to consider wrapping the pipes in heat-tape before you insulate them as well. Just be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the heat-tape to avoid damaging your pipes. Or, if you are not sure how to handle insulating your pipes, call a plumbing contractor like us.

Tip 2: Let faucets drip when it’s below freezing outside

You should turn off any exterior water sources before temperatures start to regularly dip below freezing. But if there are any faucets along your house’s exterior walls that were not turned off, turn on those taps so there is a small and steady drip any time the temperatures are expected to dip below freezing. That way, if the pipes do freeze, there will not be any pressure between the blockage and the faucet, and that could help prevent a burst pipe. If a pipe does end up bursting, call a plumbing contractor like us as soon as possible for help.

Tip 3: Open up your cabinets and fix exterior cracks

On particularly frigid nights, open up the cabinets along any exterior walls to allow the heat to reach the pipes. You should also fix any cracks or holes in the outside walls or foundation of your house. Get a professional company in to install spray foam insulation or use caulking to help seal up those gaps.

Tip 4: Seal off any crawl spaces

Another way that cold air can get to your pipes is through any open crawl spaces. You should temporarily seal off any access points to the crawl space. Take a look at your basement as well. If there are any windows down there, make sure they are fully sealed too.

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