Melting Ice Near a Storm Drain

Published Date: March 31st, 2015 | Category: Drain Cleaning

During the cold winter months and immediately after as the temperatures are finally starting to warm up, we here at All Ways Drains are often called to help clear the ice that has accumulated in or near storm drains. And as a professional drain cleaner in Minneapolis, we have seen plenty of iced over storm drains, some worse than others. So we thought we would offer you some insight on how we help fix this problem and how we can help thaw drains in both parking lots and on roofs.

You might need to call in a professional drain cleaner like us after the snow begins to melt but the ground near the drains is still cold enough to freeze the water that runs down into the drains. This is a huge hassle as the snow is starting to melt because it can cause the storm drains to back up. This can lead to flooding in your home or commercial business and, even if it doesn’t cause that kind of problem, it is still a pesky problem to deal with. Plus, when the water pools at the drains and then freezes over, ice forms and can cause a hazard for drivers and pedestrians.

So how can you avoid this issue in the future and avoid a call to a professional drain cleaner like us? It’s as simple as shoveling. After a snow fall hits your area, be sure to step outside with a snow shovel and clear out the street where the storm drain is located. Keep an eye on it and make sure you keep it as clear as possible, especially if even more snow falls or if a snow plow comes down the street and pushes snow into the drains.

When you call us for our drain cleaner services, All Ways Drains will come to your business or home and take care of the problem for you. We use several different techniques to clear the ice from the storm drains so water can flow through them again. The techniques we use for clearing the snow and ice from the drain depends on the severity of the problem, as well as a few other factors.

If you need a trusted and reliable professional drain cleaner in Minneapolis, call us at All Ways Drains at 612-922-9422 or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate on our drain cleaner services.