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Sewer Repair

As a homeowner, one of the most dreaded events that can happen in a home is a sewer backup. It’s smelly, messy, can cause extensive damage to your home and can even affect your health. That’s why sewer line issues should not be ignored! They need to be handled right away to keep a bad situation from becoming worse. Our expert plumbers have handled numerous sewer issues. When you need sewer repair, you can trust us to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

There are many causes for sewer backups, including clogs, tree roots in the sewer lines, corroded lines, cracked lines and even extreme weather. When sewer lines are not working properly, our team can troubleshoot the issue and get the lines fixed to keep the waste flowing away from your house.

The best way to avoid a sewer backup is to prevent it. In the bathroom that means only flushing human waste and toilet paper. No other objects should go down the toilet, including sanitary products, paper towels or even wipes that claim they are flushable. In the kitchen, you should avoid pouring grease down the drain. Cooking oil and grease can harden inside pipes, eventually creating a clog. Grease and oils should be poured into a container and thrown in the trash.

Sometimes, sewer issues are unavoidable. Lines may be aging or damaged and you don’t know it. Whatever the cause of a sewer backup, we can fix the issue. We are available 24/7 to get your sewer issue solved!

Signs that you Need Sewer Repair

Sewer repair is not something to put off. As soon as you notice an issue, you will want a plumber to investigate. In many instances you can avoid costly damage by getting the problem fixed before it gets to the point of sewage coming back into your house, causing damage and compromising your health.

Here are some warning signs that you need to call a sewer repair expert:

  • Flooded or foul-smelling yard
  • Gurgling toilet
  • Multiple slow drains
  • Water damage in the home

If sewage does get into your home, you will first want to have the sewer lines repaired. Once that issue is fixed, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the area to eliminate disease-causing viruses and bacteria. A certified restoration company can provide sewage remediation to ensure your home or building is safe.

Contact All Ways Drains for Professional Sewer Repair

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