Products to Band-Aid Your Plumbing

Published Date: August 24th, 2016 | Category: Plumbing Repair

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, you never can be too careful. So many different products exist on the market it is hard to know which—after solving the initial problem you bought it for—will do its own damage to your sensitive plumbing in its aftermath. Sometimes, it is hard to know which product to reach for and when to use it. If you are having issues with plumbing in your Roseville home, look no further than All Ways Drains. We would like to share with you some products that will assist in putting a band-aid on perhaps a larger problem with your plumbing.

One common product in use is thread paste or pipe dope. This is one of the most frequently used products on a plumber’s truck and serves to seal threaded connections between pipes and other plumbing wares. The paste also acts as a lubricant, allowing for a tighter seal once fit. Be wary of thread pastes found in the marketplace. Some contain chemicals that could be harmful to your plumbing—this, to a degree, will be specified on the packaging.

Thread or PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) tape, another common tool in the plumbing repertoire, is used on threaded connections and often in combination with thread paste. The combination unfolds after the usage of thread paste, thread tape working as an adhesive and outer seal (of sorts). Some plumbing devices will call for tape specifically—instead of and without thread paste—as it can be harmful if paste is introduced with water turned on.  Be careful of not overwrapping the threads with the tape. It could result in excessive stress being put on the female fitting.

Plumber’s putty is often misused in place of paste or tape, which tends to allowing for leaks to occur. Putty should only be implemented on the underside of a piece that will be tightened or compressed down, like the underside of bathtub, shower and sink drains. Many  plumbers will use putty beneath stainless steel sinks, sealing them to a countertop.

Latex and/or silicone caulk should never be applied to the sealing of any piping. Use caulk only when trying to seal fixtures down, or seal around areas that should not allow water in.  You can caulk down sinks, tub spouts, outside penetrations and faucets.

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