Roots Growing Through Sewer Lines

Published Date: August 27th, 2014 | Category: Sewer Repair

When you own a home, things are bound to go awry. From time to time you’ll have things that break or that need regular maintenance. When you need a residential plumber in the Twin Cities, All Ways Drains can help! We can assist you with everything from low water pressure to broken drain pipes. When you’re not sure what the issue is, call on us and we’ll help you figure it out. We’re going to provide you some information on what to expect when a pipe breaks because of tree roots.

Tree Roots
Trees can be beautiful and enhance a property. But, as all living things do, they grow. When trees grow, their roots penetrate farther into the earth. As they grow, they may grow through anything that is in their way that has been buried underground. When you’re planting trees, you can be mindful of underground lines, but if you already have trees on your property, what do you do?

Damage to Sewer Lines
As the tree roots grow, it is possible for them to grow into your sewer lines and cause problems. When this happens, you may notice water pooling in your yard or what appears to be a clogged drain. As residential plumbers, we have seen this type of issue time and time again. There’s not much you can do to prevent tree roots from growing into your lines, aside from removing the tree. So, when you run into trouble, give us a call.

Residential Plumber Repairs
When there is physical damage to your sewer lines, you’ll need a residential plumber to make the repairs. The diagnosis process is fairly straight forward. Once we find out that tree roots are the culprit, we can work to get your pipes back into working order!

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