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When is It Time to Call a Plumbing Contractor?

So you know you’ve got a plumbing issue; but how do you know when it’s time to call a plumbing contractor? If you’re like many other home and business owners, that answer may not always be so clear. While a simple slow drain may be something you can take care of on your own, a blocked sewer line is something that must by handled by professionals. Identifying and correcting plumbing issues is a daunting task for anyone without training. And, if something goes wrong, you could have an expensive mess on your hands; one that your insurance may not cover. As the trusted plumbing contractor for Coon Rapids and the surrounding areas, we’d like to cover some of the plumbing issues that could mean it’s… Read more »

Plumbing Contractor Misperceptions

If you own a home or business near Edina or neighboring quadrants, it is quite likely you have had to hire a plumbing contractor to take care of any of a myriad of potential plumbing issues. While those who have not had to hire a plumber likely operate under certain opinions or misperceptions on plumbers, those who have hired them in the past know them not to be. So, if you have never hired a plumber, take a look at the common misperceptions they face below. We at All Ways Drains would like to change your thinking to the positive. General misperceptions of the Plumbing Contractor: Not a Professional Your plumbing contractor is indeed a professional. Plumbing contractors put a lot of money into their… Read more »

Four Tips for Winterizing Your Plumbing

It’s fall and with it comes cooler temperatures. Winter will be here before you know it, so it is time to start figuring out what chores you need to tackle before the worst of the cold hits. As a plumbing contractor serving Shoreview and the surrounding areas, we have seen our share of burst pipes and other weather-related plumbing issues. So we thought we would give some tips on how to get your plumbing system ready for winter. Tip 1: Insulate your pipes Take the time to insulate any pipes that run through unheated areas of your home. You can get polyethylene or fiberglass to use for insulation, and you might want to consider wrapping the pipes in heat-tape before you insulate them as well…. Read more »

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