Three Most Common Reasons to Call a Residential Plumber

Published Date: March 9th, 2023 | Category: Plumbing Tips

residential plumber Roseville all ways drainsAs a residential plumber in Roseville, we have definitely seen our share of plumbing problems big and small! Here are a few of the problems we fix the most often and more information about how they are usually repaired.

Leaking Faucets

Leaking or slowly dripping faucets are incredibly common. As a matter of fact, most people have had to deal with them at one time or another. Usually, the reason faucets leak is when the washers in the faucet are ripped or dislodged. When this happens, a trickle of water is allowed to drip out of your faucet and into your tub or sink. Not only can the dripping sound sometimes get annoying, but it also wastes water. This is sometimes a repair that you can handle on your own, but if you run into any unexpected problems (or if you aren’t sure of how to fix it yourself), call a residential plumber like us for help.

Low Water Pressure

When you turn on your shower, you probably expect the water to gush out of the shower head or faucet. Sometimes, the water comes out as a trickle instead. This indicates a problem with the water pressure. Sometimes, this isn’t something a residential plumber can fix because it’s a problem with your municipal water supply. But if you know it’s not a problem with the water supply, then you should give us a call. Usually, it’s a problem with deposits or sediment building up on your faucet aerators. You can take aerators off of faucets and clean them by soaking them overnight in a vinegar solution. You can also put a baggie with a vinegar cleaning solution over shower heads and leave them there overnight to clean them without having to remove them.

If cleaning them doesn’t solve your low water pressure problem, you will need to contact a residential plumber like us for further assistance.

Clogged Drains

Generally, you can fix a clogged drain using a plunger, or you can pour baking soda down into the pipe and then some vinegar on top of it. Let that sit for awhile and then rinse it out with hot water. However, if these solutions do not work, then it is time to call a residential plumber.

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