Signs it’s Time to Schedule Professional Sewer Cleaning

Published Date: March 1st, 2022 | Category: Sewer Repair

A “clean” sewer line is a vital part of having a functional sewer system. So, if you find that the sewer line leading from your home to a municipal sewer system (or a septic tank) is becoming problematic, you should schedule professional sewer cleaning before you end up with a serious mess. When you notice foul odors or clogged drains, call on the professionals at All Ways Drains to perform a sewer cleaning at your home or business. We are the trusted name in sewer cleaning for New Brighton and know the key signs that it may be time for sewer cleaning. We’ve put together a few of them here in our blog to help you spot the warning signs.

Hose Lowered Into Sewer

First of all, the nose knows. A stinky drain can is often fixed by simply running water down it or restoring the water plug in the trap. Should this not solve the odor issues—and especially if the problem begins to emerge over multiple drains, sewage is quite likely backing up in your pipes. A sewer cleaning will prevent disaster.

Notice any clogged drains? One lone backed-up drain is a possible indicator that you may have a clog in your drain pipe. A plunger may fix this issue on occasion, but it is a worthwhile pursuit to call in a professional plumber to take a look and—if needed—perform a sewer cleaning. If your clogged or slow drains are happening throughout your home, you should take it as a warning that there is a looming disaster from the sewer line. Pay attention to drain clogs that start on the first floor of your home or in the basement, they can be looked upon as sewer line issues more so than clogs or slowness occurring in drains on second or higher floors.

Sewage back-up evidence will emerge from the lowest levels of your home first. If you begin to see water spots appearing around drains in the basement, or nasty odors, call in a professional for a sewer cleaning.

Have your sewer line looked at today. If build-up is occurring, you will most certainly want to consider a sewer cleaning. All Ways Drains offers 24/7–365 emergency services, so we can come to your home quickly to check the problem and figure out what is causing your sewer issues.

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