Tree Roots & Summer Sewer Repair

Published Date: May 15th, 2018 | Category: Sewer Repair

Summer is a great time of year for fun in the sun, celebrations and cookouts; not plumbing problems and sewer backups. If your sewer pipe cracks, it can create an unwanted problem right in the middle of your backyard barbecue. If your sewage system is experiencing some damage, sewer repair may be your summer sewer savior. As experts in sewer repair for Minneapolis, we have helped countless residents with their sewer and plumbing needs for decades. And, we would like to tell you more about what can be done in the event of an untimely, unwanted sewer malfunction. And, when you’re not sure what the issue is, call on us and we’ll help you figure it out. We can provide you some information on what to expect when a pipe breaks this summer.

sewer repair

When there is physical damage to your sewer lines, you’ll need a residential plumber to make the repairs. The diagnosis process is fairly straight forward. Once we find out that tree roots are the culprit, we can work to get your pipes back into working order.

One of the most common causes for sewer repair is growing tree roots; especially in the summer. As living things do when the weather gets warmer, they grow. When trees grow, their roots penetrate farther into the earth. As they grow, they may grow through anything that is in their way that has been buried underground like your sewer pipe.

To help avoid this issue, when you’re planting trees, be mindful of underground lines. And, if roots do end up causing an issue, give us a call. When this happens you may notice water pooling in your yard or what appears to be a clogged drain. As local expert plumbers, we have seen this type of issue time and time again. There’s not much you can do to prevent tree roots from growing into your lines, aside from removing the tree.

But there are a variety of reasons your sewer might require repair. No matter what your sewer repair reason, All Ways Drains can help when you need professional help for your sewer. Whatever problem you end up needing to call us about, we are dedicated to helping you solve it. We will send a plumber out to your property as quickly as possible to make the necessary sewer repair you need.

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