Water Heater Maintenance: Spring Cleaning

Published Date: March 9th, 2023 | Category: Water Heaters

Spring is just around the corner and spring cleaning to-do lists are being made. While water heaters rarely make spring cleaning to-do lists, checking them and related plumbing fixtures can prevent water damage and other disasters later on. So, while you’re dusting, cleaning and renovating the rest of your home, take a moment to check in on your water heater to ensure it’s working as it should. Or, if you’ve had problems with your hot water all winter, there’s no better time to consider maintenance, repair or even replacement. As experts in water heater replacement for Maplewood and the surrounding areas, we’d like to discuss a few maintenance tasks you can perform this spring to ensure safe and efficient functioning of your water heater this spring.water heater replacement Maplewood

When performing your regular spring cleaning, perform these easy maintenance tasks to ensure proper care of your water heater:

If you haven’t been having any issues with your water heater, simply check the thermostat setting. It should be at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum energy efficiency.

Also take a look around your water heater to check for any potential leaks. If you see water on the floor surrounding your water heater, call the professionals at All Ways Drains right away. We can take a look to determine if water heater replacement is necessary or provide any repairs needed. Leaking water can be a sign of something minor or complete and total water heater failure so it is never something that should go ignored.

While you’re down there, take note if you smell any gas if you have a gas powered water heater. If you do smell gas, vacate your home for your safety and contact your gas company right away.

And, if your water heater unit is over 15 years old, consider replacing it with a new, more energy efficient model. Water heater replacement can be a proactive way to avoid issues with your hot water down the line. And, now is a great time to do it because it’s a less busy time of year for water heater replacement.

Is it time to have someone take a look at your old water heater? Give All Ways Drains a Call today. We can come out to your home, inspect your water heater and let you know what repairs you need or set up a water heater replacement. Your water heater is important to the comfort and well-being of your home, so don’t forget to include it on your spring cleaning to-do list!

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