How to Prevent Sewer Backup

Published Date: January 21st, 2015 | Category: Sewer Repair

If your area has recently experienced heavy rains or another factor that contributes to flooding, you might be experiencing sewer backup. Twin Cities homeowners are all too familiar with this problem. So here are a few suggestions on the steps you can take to try to prevent sewer backup.

During heavy storms, municipal sanitary sewers can end up with more water and debris in them than they can handle. The excess water is then forced back through your home’s sewer line (which is connected to the sanitary sewers), and then it floods your basement or the lower level of your home or into your toilets, showers and other drains. This is dangerous and unhealthy, not to mention a huge hassle and expense to properly clean.

The first line of defense against sewer backup is calling in professionals like us to cap or plug all of the sewer openings that are in your basement.

You should also have a sump pump installed in your home if you do not already have one. A sump pump will collect the water that is in your basement and pump it back outside, usually through a small pipe. Your sump pump should be regularly inspected to ensure it is working properly, especially if your area is expecting heavy rains.

Another great line of defense against sewer backups is your gutter system. While your gutters are on the opposite end of your home (your roof and not your basement), they are key in helping to drain excess water away from your house.

Be sure that you, your family members and your guests do not throw food or other garbage down into your sinks or toilets. This debris can get into the sewer through your drains and can clog the sewer and cause sewer backup problems.

Also, your drainage system should be regularly looked at by the professionals here at All Ways Drains. We can inspect it to make sure there are no clogs and to make sure it is draining the way it is designed to. We can also help if your sewer backs up and you need someone to come out and unclog it so it can start to drain again properly.

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