Plumbing Contractor Misperceptions

Published Date: October 11th, 2023 | Category: Plumbing Repair

If you own a home or business near Edina or neighboring quadrants, it is quite likely you have had to hire a plumbing contractor to take care of any of a myriad of potential plumbing issues. While those who have not had to hire a plumber likely operate under certain opinions or misperceptions on plumbers, those who have hired them in the past know them not to be. So, if you have never hired a plumber, take a look at the common misperceptions they face below. We at All Ways Drains would like to change your thinking to the positive.

General misperceptions of the Plumbing Contractor:

  1. Not a Professional

Your plumbing contractor is indeed a professional. Plumbing contractors put a lot of money into their tools and vehicles. They have spent years and years learning their trade. A building’s plumbing consists of a complicated and extensive network of incoming pipes and outgoing drains. A small error can lead to huge and high-priced damage. This is, in part, why good plumbing contractors are so valued.

  1. Messy

Your plumbing contractor deals in messy work. They encounter filthy water and rusty pipes as part of their daily vocation. They must work through damp, potentially moldy or decaying drywall and wood. The tools of their trade and their clothes are impossible to keep or ever make truly clean. All of the aforementioned helps create the false belief that your plumbing contractor is messy. On the contrary, these professionals are generally highly organized and “clean” individuals.

  1. Is Out to Rip You Off

It is far more likely your plumbing contractor wants to do his best to keep you as a client. It is much more difficult for a plumber to enter new situations constantly, rather than building his return business and getting referrals.

  1. Charges Too Much

Your plumbing contractor comes to you. If you consider further that they haul the tools and equipment they need along with them, it further demonstrates the value of the overall services they provide. Frequently, more than one plumbing contractor is involved in the work being conducted in your home or business. Pipes, connectors, and other hardware that often needs to be replaced (the bulk of which are made of “costly” materials), do add up, dependent upon the problem(s). Then you may be hiring your plumbing contractor in an emergency situation at 3 a.m.

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