Plumbing Magnate Offers Tips Towards Preventing Toilet Issues

Published Date: March 9th, 2023 | Category: Plumbing Tips

Your toilet is an underappreciated simple piece of technology that from time to time gets bogged down with clogs or general issues of one sort or another. As a plumbing specialist to Coon Rapids and nearby homes, All Ways Drains would like to share some simple tips that can aid in the prevention of issues regarding your household toileting.

  • Clean your toilet with mild cleaners: Regular household items like baking soda, soap and vinegar make for great cleaning options on your porcelain throne. Regular maintenance here can alleviate common stains of the human waste variety and enhance the odors found within your bathroom. Taking this approach at regular intervals will also allow to get to know your toilet, things like leaks or clogs will jump out when you are right there administering the clean.
  • Avoid chemical cleaners: Plumbing experts are largely divided on this stance, to chem or not to chem the toilet and therefore the plumbing that moves out of your home. All Ways Drains supports the stance of better safe than sorry and urges people to avoid using chemical cleaners.
  • Inspect the innards of your toilet: Roughly every 4-6 months, you should take a look at all of the individual cogs that enable the toilet to function properly. Remove the lid, conduct a flush, watch what is going to determine whether or not anything is amiss. Problems at this level are easy to spot.
  • Address toilet issues immediately: If you spot a leak or notice that your toilet continues to run, get a hold of a plumbing professional right away. Leaks tend to occur slowly with toilets so it is ideal for you to keep an eye out for them. Otherwise, a leak will be indicated by a growing monthly water bill that has no other explanation.
  • Do not flush anything other than what is supposed to be down your toilet(s): That being stated, try to keep accompaniments to standard human waste limited to the highly biodegradable and easy travelling standard toilet paper.
  • Keep a plunger nearby: When you first encounter a clog or sluggishly draining or performing toilet, put your plunger to work to see if it can loosen whatever is amiss somewhere within your pipes. Should this simple yet powerful tool fail here, move towards dumping hot water down your toilet. If you are still clogged, a toilet snake or auger can be put to use.

These tips should help ensure smooth and able flow within your piping. If you still encounter problems, at some point, give up the ghost and call a plumbing expert. Some problems in plumbing do fall beyond your scope and the skills of a professional within the trade are required.

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