Preventative Sewer Cleaning

Published Date: August 17th, 2021 | Category: Sewer Repair

One of the biggest disasters in the plumbing world is sewer failure. A damaged sewer line can create quite the mess. However, with preventative sewer cleaning, you can help avoid this much-dreaded disaster. As the trusted name in sewer cleaning for White Bear Lake and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more about how this routine service can help make your home or business’ sewer line be one you can depend on.

A “clean” sewer line is a vital part of a well-functioning sewer system. If the sewer line leading from your home to a municipal sewer system (or a septic tank) becomes damaged or clogged, you may just end up with a serious mess. Here at All Ways Drains, we have run into many backed-up sewers that became so due to a lack of even the occasional cleaning. Encountering raw sewage in your home is amongst the last issues you want to run into. By scheduling simple sewer cleaning you can easily prevent catastrophe.

Not sure if your home’s sewer line requires routine sewer cleaning? Here are some of the tell-tale signs your home’s line may be in need of cleaning:

Foul Odors. A smelly drain can often be fixed by simply running water down it or restoring the water plug in the trap. Should this not solve the odor issues—and especially if the problem begins to emerge over multiple drains, sewage is quite likely backing up in your pipes. A sewer cleaning can help prevent this little annoyance from becoming a huge disaster.

Water spots. Sewage backup evidence will emerge from the lowest levels of your home first. If you begin to see water spots appearing around drains in the basement, or nasty odors, call in a professional for a sewer cleaning.

Clogged drains. A plunger may fix this issue on occasion but is worthwhile to call in a professional plumber to take a look and perform a sewer cleaning if necessary. If your clogged or slow drains are happening throughout your home, you should take it as a warning that there is a looming disaster from the sewer line.

Have you noticed any of these issues in or around your home? Schedule sewer cleaning and prevent the mess! Call on the professional at All Ways Drains to perform a sewer cleaning at your home today. For more information about sewer cleaning in the White Bear Lake area, call us at 612-922-9422 or contact us online for a Free Estimate. We offer 24/7 live Response Services!