Tips to Prevent a Clogged Drain

Published Date: February 13th, 2023 | Category: Plumbing Tips

Clogged drains are never fun, and they always seem to happen at the worst time. To keep your drains from getting clogged, you can follow these tips.

  • Place a strainer over drains to trap food, hair, soap, etc. and clean the strainer regularly.
  • Don’t pour grease or oil down the kitchen sink. Pour into a container and throw in the trash.
  • Pour a kettle of boiling water down the kitchen drain weekly to melt any grease that has built up.
  • Pour Total C down your drains periodically. It’s 100% natural, environmentally friendly and effective at breaking down grease.
  • Watch what you put down the garbage disposal. Avoid banana peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, pasta, rice, potato skins, fruits and vegetables.
  • Run plenty of water before, during and after using the garbage disposal.

Hopefully these tips prevent a clog from happening. If, despite your best efforts, a clog still occurs, don’t worry! You can always contact us for expert drain cleaning and plumbing repair.

Tips for Preventing a Clogged Drain