When is It Time to Call a Plumbing Contractor?

Published Date: March 9th, 2023 | Category: Plumbing Repair

So you know you’ve got a plumbing issue; but how do you know when it’s time to call a plumbing contractor? If you’re like many other home and business owners, that answer may not always be so clear. While a simple slow drain may be something you can take care of on your own, a blocked sewer line is something that must be handled by professionals. Identifying and correcting plumbing issues is a daunting task for anyone without training. And, if something goes wrong, you could have an expensive mess on your hands; one that your insurance may not cover. As the trusted plumbing contractor for Coon Rapids and the surrounding areas, we’d like to cover some of the plumbing issues that could mean it’s time to call the pros. 

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Sewer Problems

How do you know if your sewer is experiencing issues? For one, if the drains around your house are suddenly much slower to drain, or if a bubbling sound comes from the drain, there may be a clog. And if wastewater is backing up into the drain, an unmistakable smell will be present.

Clogged Pipes

Most of the time it’s easy to clear a clogged pipe with a plunger or sewer snake. Home remedies are also sometimes effective. However, chemical drain cleaners can’t clear most clogged pipes and their toxic ingredients can damage your plumbing system. For stubborn clogs, call in a trusted, experienced plumbing contractor to clear the lines safely and effectively.


For some minor leaks, simple plumbing repairs like tightening a connection or swapping out the washer and gasket could work. However, if an easy fix doesn’t take care of the issue, you’ll need a professional plumber. Fixing leaky showerheads, toilets, faucets and pipes not only helps you conserve water, it can also prevent further damage to your plumbing system and your home.

Bad Water Pressure 

A sudden dip in your water pressure is a sure sign that you have a problem in your plumbing system. Finding the cause of this annoying problem can be a challenge, and probably one that you can’t fix on your own so it’s best to leave it to the pros.

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