What to Do If Your Sewer Backs Up

Published Date: February 11th, 2015 | Category: Sewer Repair

When your sewer backs up, it can be a huge and smelly mess. We are experts at repairing your sewer in St Paul, so we have seen plenty of backed up sewers over the years. There are several things you should do if you see raw sewage on your basement floor or in a bathroom.

  • The first thing you should do is call All Ways Drains. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so we can come to your home quickly to check the problem and figure out what is causing your sewer issues.
  • After the sewer problem has been fixed, the clean up can be pretty messy. You could call a professional clean-up crew to make sure the sewage is cleaned up properly and safely. Sewage can pose a variety of potential health problems.
  • Make sure all standing water is totally removed. You can rent equipment to do this if you don’t want to hire an outside company. You can use a wet vac or a similar appliance or, if your home has a sump pump and the back-up was in the basement, that can be used too.
  • Be sure to safely collect any solid waste that might be there too. Again, this is a job that is better left to professionals that know how to dispose of raw sewage.
  • After that, the entire affected area should be totally dried out. You can do this by using fans to keep the area well-ventilated. Dehumidifiers are also a great tool for this, as well as air conditioners and opening windows, depending on the weather outside.
  • Dispose of any rugs or carpeting that was contaminated by the sewer back-up. If there are any other items that were affected by the sewer problems, you should carefully go through them and dispose of any items that are porous, like paper, cardboard, books or magazines.
  • If there is a noticeable water line around your walls or paneling, that area should be cut out and replaced.
  • The entire affected area should be fully cleaned and disinfected. After you wash it thoroughly, allow it to air dry. Bleach is a great disinfectant. Simply mix 1 part bleach with 9 parts water and allow the mixture to sit on items for at least 15 minutes so the bleach has a chance to kill the bacteria.

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