How to Get Your Plumbing Ready for Spring

Published Date: February 23rd, 2016 | Category: Plumbing Tips

Believe it or not, spring will be here in just a few short months. So we thought we would take the time to give tips on how to get the plumbing at your Edina home ready for the warm, rainy spring months.

First of all, take some time to inspect any pipes that run along the inside walls of your house. Keep a close eye on them and look for signs of leaks or damage. If your pipes are wrapped in insulation, remove that so you can look underneath. Make sure to re-wrap your pipes if it’s still cold outside or temperatures are expected to drop below freezing again.

Then check underneath the sinks in your home and look for signs of pooling water. These are leaks that should be fixed as soon as possible so they don’t cause further damage. You should also look up the wall by the sinks as well, in case the leak is coming from somewhere around there.

Go to your water heater and take a look at that as well. During the winter months, your water heater is working harder than ever, so sometimes it can need some TLC when the weather starts to warm up again. Now is also a good time to have your water heater drained and cleaned as well.

You should then go outside and check your outdoor plumbing. Take a look at your hoses to make sure they are in good shape and that they don’t have any cracks. If you have an irrigation system, now is also a good time to start looking that over. You might need to call in professionals for help with getting the system spring-ready, but you should at least be able to tell if any of the pipes or sprinkler heads are damaged.

Turn on your outdoor faucets and, again, keep an eye on them and check for leaks and other problems. If the weather is expected to get cold again, make sure you turn the faucets off after you’re done checking them so they don’t freeze.

If you have any problems with your plumbing system, call us so we can come out and take a look and repair it.

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