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Plumbing Magnate Offers Tips Towards Preventing Toilet Issues

Your toilet is an underappreciated simple piece of technology that from time to time gets bogged down with clogs or general issues of one sort or another. As a plumbing specialist to Coon Rapids and nearby homes, All Ways Drains would like to share some simple tips that can aid in the prevention of issues regarding your household toileting.

  • Clean your toilet with mild cleaners: Regular household items like baking soda, soap and vinegar make for great cleaning options on your porcelain throne. Regular maintenance here can alleviate common stains of the human waste variety and enhance the odors found within your bathroom. Taking this approach at regular intervals will also allow to get to know your toilet, things like leaks or clogs will jump out when you are right there administering the clean.
  • Avoid chemical cleaners: Plumbing experts are largely divided on this stance, to chem or not to chem the toilet and therefore the plumbing that moves out of your home. All Ways Drains supports the stance of better safe than sorry and urges people to avoid using chemical cleaners.
  • Inspect the innards of your toilet: Roughly every 4-6 months, you should take a look at all of the individual cogs that enable the toilet to function properly. Remove the lid, conduct a flush, watch what is going to determine whether or not anything is amiss. Problems at this level are easy to spot.
  • Address toilet issues immediately: If you spot a leak or notice that your toilet continues to run, get a hold of a plumbing professional right away. Leaks tend to occur slowly with toilets so it is ideal for you to keep an eye out for them. Otherwise, a leak will be indicated by a growing monthly water bill that has no other explanation.
  • Do nut flush anything other than what is supposed to be down your toilet(s): That being stated, try to keep accompaniments to standard human waste limited to the highly biodegradable and easy travelling standard toilet paper.
  • Keep a plunger nearby: When you first encounter a clog or sluggishly draining or performing toilet, put your plunger to work to see if it can loose whatever is amiss somewhere within your pipes. Should this simple yet powerful tool fail here, move towards dumping hot water down your toilet. If you are still clogged, a toilet snake or auger can be put to use.

These tips should help ensure smooth and able flow within your piping. If you still encounter problems, at some point, give up the ghost and call a plumbing expert. Some problems in plumbing do fall beyond your scope and the skills of a professional within the trade are required.

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Drain Cleaners to Keep the Flow This Holiday Season

We are entering the holiday season. Just in case you have not noticed it, Christmas music is playing in the grocery stores and malls that surround us already. Get those lists and therefore those wallets ready! The holidays bring with them meals that far exceed that which we get to enjoy during the normal flow of daily life. Turkey and ham being popular favorites on the specific holidays looming, not to mention other potentially greasy items on those menus, clogged drains can be a real problem at this time of year. If you will be host to any major meals ahead and you find yourself in need of a good drain cleaner for your Twin Cities area home, call on the professionals at All Ways Drains. We will bring holiday cheer to the sluggish or complete lack of flow in your pipes.

Plumbers feel that it should be more than established to any adult that no oil or grease should ever be dumped down a drain, or otherwise allowed to infiltrate your plumbing system in any way. Grease does not flow smoothly in your pipes as does water. Grease is substantially more viscous than other types of liquids that you send down the drain. It bogs and slows on its path through the piping network, “sticking” to things that may have already massed within, or even, begin to create fresh new clumps in its own right.

The preferred means of gathering, storing and disposing of grease involve keeping it within some sort of container, like a spent coffee tin or a milk jug. Store the grease in your fridge or your freezer and get rid of it when the garbage man comes. The old myth of running hot water and sending grease down the drain via garbage disposal with it sounds nice in principle but being that oil and water do not mix, steaming hot water will not aid in outflow of grease any more than cold, or even no water would. Grease being chemically different than water, it will react wholly different in any situation than water would.

If it comes to pass that the aforementioned has already gone down (the drain), chances are you will need the assistance of a professional drain cleaner to come in, take a look, undo the damage and get things moving again. And please, stay away from those chemical drain cleaners that you find on store shelves. Continued usage of these products will do damage to the interior of your piping, setting you up for potentially costly repair in the future.

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Your Local Plumbing Contractors Will Fix Those Leaky Faucets

Drip…drip…drip…your leaking faucet in the bathroom gets in the way of your meditation. Maybe it is the kitchen faucet, contributing to the ruination of your otherwise peaceful family dinner, every single night? Leaking faucets falling into the category of highly annoying, maybe it is time you placed a call to some respected plumbing contractors serving Edina and nearby towns to address the drip…drip…drip currently calling the shots on peace and quiet within your home.

This inconvenience, if you let go on over time, increases your water bill as gallons and gallons of accumulated water (over time) go down the drain—not unlike the extra dollars you will be shelling out to the water company every month—simply by not addressing the problem. Dripping water will be hitting the same spot countless times as long as the phenomenon continues. These drops will gradually erode your porcelain, even steel! This is something you will want to address and not let go!

The water that works its way into your home is under constant pressure, allowing it to more easily move about your piping. When you turn your tap off, washers create a water-tight seal to stop water from continuing its flow in via the pipes through your faucet. With the passage of time, these washers stiffen, rip or altogether extricate. The result is trickles of water beginning to drip out. Feel free to swap out washers on your own. Dependent upon the set-up of your faucet, specialized tools of the trade may be required to pull it off. If your leak has been going on for a long time, plumbing contractors may be required to remedy the situation. A damaged or rotten valve seat would be a simple example of a job that could require outside help. If all of this reads a little daunting (being that issues relating to a leaky faucet often go a bit beyond the faucet itself), any worthy  plumbing contractors will swing by to pinpoint where the issues lie and plot a best solution to remedy it.

This is not something to let go of, let sit idle. The EPA estimates that up to 10,000 gallons of water are wasted yearly by the average household. That is a lot of money given to the water company that otherwise would stay in your accounts.

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Inspection as Means of Prevention Against Plumbing Repair

Your plumbing is surprisingly delicate. It is amazing that more issues do not arise within one’s home over time. Your plumbing set-up could run for years without a single issue and then, out of nowhere, a pipe bursts and you flood an entire floor. To make absolutely sure that your plumbing is still in good shape is to schedule regular plumbing inspections. Should your plumbing network go without occasional observation from a professional plumber, your run the risk of being in need of a plumbing repair in your Shoreview or otherwise local home, with any of the semi-complex tangled web of piping and drainage that make up your plumbing network.

You go through your daily life and observe that there have been zero issues with your plumbing recently. Even though this may actually be the case, it is within your very best interests to call on a plumber that will provide a thorough inspection of your overall plumbing system. Having this done once a year is a good way to keep an eye on anything that may be occurring, to be proactive in the event that issues are emerging, allowing you to prepare for a potential plumbing repair cost-wise. Most plumbing problems do not visibly display any symptoms until they are most likely beyond preventable. Once you become aware of plumbing issues it is probably too late to actually prevent the bulk of the damage that will occur. In order to be on top of would-be problems in advance, make sure you have a professional plumber examine your network annually.

If your plumbing system suddenly begins to act out of its ordinary, strangely perhaps, call on a plumber like All Ways Drains to take a look. Do not dare ignore what may be a big problem down the road by not having your plumbing looked at. Schedule an inspection just in case something is amiss that needs to be addressed. Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your system in the best possible shape. As long as you do it at least once a year, your plumbing system should last quite a bit longer than it otherwise would. In order to be aware of the potential monster looming within your pipes, somebody has to be taking a regular look!

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Products to Band-Aid Your Plumbing

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, you never can be too careful. So many different products exist on the market it is hard to know which—after solving the initial problem you bought it for—will do its own damage to your sensitive plumbing in its aftermath. Sometimes, it is hard to know which product to reach for and when to use it. If you are having issues with plumbing in your Roseville home, look no further than All Ways Drains. We would like to share with you some products that will assist in putting a band-aid on perhaps a larger problem with your plumbing.

One common product in use is thread paste or pipe dope. This is one of the most frequently used products on a plumber’s truck and serves to seal threaded connections between pipes and other plumbing wares. The paste also acts as a lubricant, allowing for a tighter seal once fit. Be wary of thread pastes found in the marketplace. Some contain chemicals that could be harmful to your plumbing—this, to a degree, will be specified on the packaging.

Thread or PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) tape, another common tool in the plumbing repertoire,
is used on threaded connections and often in combination with thread paste. The combination unfolds after the usage of thread paste, thread tape working as an adhesive and outer seal (of sorts). Some plumbing devices will call for tape specifically—instead of and without thread paste—as it can be harmful if paste is introduced with water turned on.  Be careful of not overwrapping the threads with the tape. It could result in excessive stress being put on the female fitting.

Plumber’s putty is often misused in place of paste or tape, which tends to allowing for leaks to occur. Putty should only be implemented on the underside of a piece that will be tightened or compressed down, like the underside of bathtub, shower and sink drains. Many  plumbers will use putty beneath stainless steel sinks, sealing them to a countertop.

Latex and/or silicone caulk should never be applied to the sealing of any piping. Use caulk only when trying to seal fixtures down, or seal around areas that should not allow water in.  You can caulk down sinks, tub spouts, outside penetrations and faucets.

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